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snippets / November 2015

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snippets of November 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

a bit about snippets:

Blogger Manda Townsend posts snippets of her life every now and then, and after reading her ode to snippets post back in January 2014, I commented that I would join her in 'snippetting'. :)  

I posted snippets of my month on the last day of every month in 2014, and I'm back doing the same for 2015 (see Jan & Feb & Mar & Apr & May & June & July & Aug & Oct). 

See 2014 snippets of Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec.

Thanksgiving 2015

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Thanksgiving 2015 Family Photo | Amanda Rose Zampelli

These photos. I can't! Carmen's face. I can't even take it! When I talked about all the love & gratitude I have for my new little family of the four of us, I wasn't kidding. I made sure we took some family photos of us before we left for the first round of dinners, and these are some of the best captures. My favorite is above, and John's favorite is below.

Thanksgiving 2015 Family Portrait | Amanda Rose Zampelli

'Twas such a great Thanksgiving, though, with these photos being a definite highlight. So was the 60-degree sunny day, the fresh haircut I got, and the 30-minute nap I managed to squeeze in. John first came to my family's dinner, then we went both went to his. I talked to his mom in my best Spanish (which is still not very good), chatted and relaxed with his brother and sister-in-law, and hung out with his two small nephews. Then we came back to my apartment, drank wine and ate ice cream, and knocked out.

My ideal day. Click images below to enlarge.

Now it's FULL ON Christmas season, so let's get to making some memories! Whoop whoop! 

all the love & gratitude

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THANKFUL. 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

When I thought about what image to use for this post, the one above kept popping up in my psyche. I suppose it represents what I'm most grateful for this year: my new little family with my boyfriend John & my two cats (Carmen not pictured). I was the first to wake up - in my very own apartment - while the loves of my life were still sleeping-in soundly. The cats have grown used to John, and he has so much love for them in return. We have this beautiful, bright space with which to grow and laugh and love and build in...and I am still in awe of all of it, and filled with all the love & gratitude.

There's no way I won't be shedding tears of happiness today. I've been immensely blessed this year -- and events have taken place that have faced me in the exact direction I'm supposed to be headed. Do you KNOW what that feels like?!  ...after years of confusion, self-doubt, and fear? It feels like a miracle. It feels like proof.

Wishing everyone a truly delicious meal, followed by a long and lovely food coma. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Enjoy enjoy enjoooooy...

'Holiday Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES

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'Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Hey, boo boos! These two 'Holiday Gift List' designs are over on the me & my BIG ideas blog today. I created them to be the perfect size to fit into The Happy Planner™, but unpunched they make a fun printout to tack up on your fridge or fold and keep in your purse.

'Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES | Amanda Rose Zampelli

With them you can keep track of what you're going to gift to whom, where you need to go to get it, and check off when you've bought it ($ column) and wrapped it (gift icon in the last column).

'Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Below I've also showed how you can use it to keep track of multiple gifts for one person.

'Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I printed these out on 8.5 x 11" cardstock paper. This made them an appropriate weight and thickness to hold on to the discs after punching, and cardstock is great to write on.

'Gift List' FREE PRINTABLES | Amanda Rose Zampelli

You guys do realize we are one month away from Christmas Day, right? Unbelievable. Head to the mambi blog and get to downloading your gift lists. Make sure to tag me @amandarosezamp if you do! :)

Photo Ornament Stockings

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my DIY Photo Ornament Stockings | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Do you realize that Christmas Eve is in one month from today?! I'm glad I'm getting a head start on my holiday decorating, and today I wanted to share what I did with my stockings this year.

I bought the stockings from Target: two big beige & gold ones for John and I, and two smaller knit ones for the kitties. I bought all four of the photo ornaments from Michael's, although the smaller ones I used for the cats came in a set of six. All were hung with clear Command Hooks that I'm pretty sure were meant to be utensil hooks.

click images below to enlarge

I was inspired by what Mayra did to her stockings in this post from her 'life is bananas' blog back in 2011, and then again in this insta. It's amazing to me that inspiration can lie dormant inside of you for years, waiting for the right time to surface. I've been so excited to decorate my new apartment for December, and with my pink tree and now these stockings, it's starting to look like how I always dreamed my holidays would. I'm creating things now that have been influenced by my childhood Christmases from the past, but are reflective of my adult Christmases of the future -- with my own family.

I'm thrilled for these next few weeks, my first Christmas in the new apartment with my new man, and to share more of the Big Creative Magic this time of year brings! Stay tuned!

I Am a Happy Planner

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'I Am a Happy Planner' feature on the me & my BIG ideas blog | Amanda Rose Zampelli

"I'd like to encourage everyone with a Happy Planner™ in their hands to look down at it and say 'Planner, you are not precious. I will mess you up and make you sloppy, but together we will get stuff done and have fun doing it!'"

I'm featured on the mambi blog today answering a few questions about how I use The Happy Planner™ and above is a snippet from my interview. Head to the blog to read it and find out how YOU could be featured next!

november : currently

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currently in november 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • assembling my pink Christmas Tree (!!!)
  • sleeping by the light of the tree
  • working with my kitty coworker and productivity consultant, Alejandro, right by my side
  • DVRing the new season of The Walking Dead
  • missing the California weather & these fun ladies
  • appreciating being able to work from home 
  • wearing a beanie on my head
  • feeling so cold and it isn't even really cold yet
  • brainstorming what I could do next
  • building a bit of a family routine with John & the kitties
  • planning what our Christmas card might look like
  • making time to blog
  • finished up Big Magic - the new book by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • letting go of anxious thoughts
  • enjoying my 31st Birthday presents
  • wondering how I'll ever tackle all the crafting projects I have all backed up
  • practicing the hip roll in the mirror
  • holding on to shining, fleeting moments like this conversation
  • visiting my mom's for dinner with John, like a grown up couple
  • watching The Latin Explosion & #currentmood
  • ready for a break on Thanksgiving Day
  • reflecting on the blessings that have come my way these past few months
  • celebrating John and my 7 months together

current obsession // cat eyes

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current obsession // cat eyes | Amanda Rose Zampelli

You guys, as HUMANS, we get obsessed with things. There's no rhyme or reason to it, and IN FACT: we can be exposed to something over and over again in our lives without giving that something a second thought in our minds, and then one day: BANG! You're obsessed with it, and you might as well give in, ya big ninny! :)

This has happened to me with watercolor. This has happened to me with pineapples. This has happened to me with cacti. This has happened to me with Bachata. This has happened to me over and over again throughout my life.  Today, I'm here to tell you, it's happened to me with CAT EYES. Winged, liquid-liner cat eyes to be exact.

There is a plethora of inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and lately, as my new obsession has been taking over my daily makeup routine, I've followed the 'connect the dots' approach to applying the liner as explained in this video:

What are YOU currently obsessed with?!?!

recent pins // NOV 2015

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recent pins // NOV 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

sources // 123456789

These are some pinned images I've recently added to my Pinterest account. To look at them collectively, you can tell what mood I'm in and where my brain's been at. This month I seem to be in nesting mode. No, there's no baby on the way (a usual precursor to feeling those 'nesting vibes'), but winter is...and so is #cuddleseason, as my boyfriend calls it.

'Tis the season of carbs, so donuts. Pink Christmas Trees (like the one John & I just put up this past weekend); easy at-home hair that still looks chic; those closed eyes; SLEEP; hanging graphic art prints; trusting strange & other-worldly pulls; 2015 photo books; DIY gift wrapping (!!!); and wanting to dance Bachata all day every day.

Any particular thing(s) recently inspiring you?

things I did when I was 30

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things I did when I was 30 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Last week on November 9th, I turned 31 years old. If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you might know that I created a '30 in 30' list which was a birthday list of thirty things I was goaling to do in my 30th year. A lot of the items on that list were accomplished and a lot of items on that list were not, but none of it matters. What matters is that my 30th year was the greatest year of my life. If it is any telling of how this decade is going to go, then I am all in. Let's do it, 31!

But before I let 31 sweep me away, I want to recap year 30 a bit with this post, and record a list of notable things I did in my 30th year on this planet. So here it goes, in no particular order.

When I was 30, I... name a few. ;) My 30th year was the greatest year of my life. This is so because all of these things listed above. But at the core of it all, I think 30 was the greatest because I reached a state of 'happy' I believed for far too long didn't exist for me anymore.

Belief is a powerful thing, and for some reason, I felt I had made all the right 'moves' and yet still came up short - believing for years that I was just meant to be confused, anxious and unhappy. Turns out when you don't try to distract yourself away from the hard stuff, when you allow yourself to go through life's struggles & uncertainty, and you try to take lessons from them and acquire new knowledge about yourself and aim to get better and be better: LIFE WILL MAKE YOU BETTER. Life will give you the great things truly meant for you. This is the lesson I learned at 30, after a tough bunch of years in my twenties.

But I'm here now. I'm all in. Let's do it, 31.

that time I was Selena for Halloween

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Selena Quintanilla Perez for Halloween 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

This post is to celebrate that time I was Selena for Halloween. However, I don't think you quite understand.  This post is about that time I WAS SELENA. Like...possessed by the spirit of La Reina herself. 

I rambled on and on about my Halloween night and what made it so special in this post, but the concise backstory is as follows: since 7th grade (circa 1997) I have been obsessed with anything 'Selena'.   I once forcefully made all the girls in my 7th grade class come over and watch the movie on repeat. I did not know of her until the movie came out, but ever since, I've watched videos and documentaries on her and family, and have loved, appreciated, danced and sang to her songs.  I don't speak Spanish so I know all of her lyrics by sound, and yeah...I've had in the back of my mind to be Selena, my idol, for about 18 years. This Halloween, with the love of my life (finally!) here to celebrate with and an opportunity there to do it, I decided to go for it! 

Below are the recorded parts of the process of my becoming Selena for Halloween 2015, from the first trying on of the pants & bra to make sure I could pull it off - to - the final look before recording my videos:

red lip / black liquid eye liner / bra from Macy*s / white leggings 
gems & pearls for bustier from Michael's / fake bangs from CVS 

On Halloween night, I made sure to get ready early so I would have time to video (DUH!) and while waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up, I posted a few short clips to my instagram page: here, here, and here. For the long version, watch the following video:

The following morning, as I picked the pieces of my costume off the floor and hung them up, I thought of how epic is was to be in full 'Selena' dress, and felt like it should be hanging up behind a glass in a casino somewhere.

Selena Quintanilla Perez for Halloween 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'd like to think this Halloween brought she & I a little closer, that she was smiling and laughing at the whole thing from heaven. Viva Selena, now & forever!

reflecting on Halloween 2015

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reflecting on Halloween 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Hey, you guys! So yesterday was Halloween, and in case you missed it on Instagram, I dressed up as Selena and it was the most FUN ever! Halloween 2015 will probably go down in the books as my most favorite Halloween to date (and I've had a lot of good ones). I made this video this morning, Nov. 1st 2015, to reflect on what made it stand out.

To quote starting from 10:20 in the video:

"...I was dressed as Selena, we were eating Taco Bell, it was like 1 in the morning, and I was with - you know- some I love, and he loves me...and we were just chillin' out on Halloween. It was so nothing special, but it was everything special..." 

Check out the video to hear more. WARNING: I ramble quite a bit and say the word 'FUN' way too many times. BONUS: I burp and I cry. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting! You're welcome to keep the conversation going about anything I touched on in the video by leaving me a comment on this post. Thanks, and have a great Sunday!

snippets / October 2015

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snippets of October 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • 10/03/15 : Preston's Baptism & John's family's party / us in coordinating navy and yellow
  • "It's Sunday! It's Pancakes Day!" -- How I Met Your Mother
  • 10/04/15 : my partner & I at Bachata class
  • 10/17/15 : our 'PROM' photo at Danielle & Jerry's Wedding
  • bouncing in the bouncy house w/ Ashley & Kaylin
  • Gram & I at the wedding
  • the wolfpack at Novita
  • 10/11/15 : John & I hand-in-hand walking through Forest Hills
  • the scene form my second LADIES CRAFT NIGHT

a bit about snippets:

Blogger Manda Townsend posts snippets of her life every now and then, and after reading her ode to snippets post back in January 2014, I commented that I would join her in 'snippetting'. :)  

I posted snippets of my month on the last day of every month in 2014, and I'm back doing the same for 2015 (see Jan & Feb & Mar & Apr & May & June & July & Aug & Sept). 

See 2014 snippets of Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec.

my first place // three months in

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my first place // three months in | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I can't believe what my apartment looks like three months in. I'm still in awe of how I managed to build and grow in it. To be honest, I can't remember too much of the process that took place in June & July (although it can be seen at the hashtag #ARZ_myfirstplace). It feels like I just woke up one day and it felt like home.

Don't get me wrong: there's still TONS more that the apartment needs to be considered complete (a coffee table, curtains, round rug for the office space, an entire bedroom set, artwork, more than two forks, etc.), but for my first three months, it functions just fine. 

...and that's the tour! Three months in, and all that you see above is my home. My home, doing it on my own, with my two cats and boyfriend, John giving me comfort and love along the way.

I am so grateful for it and being where I am these days. It's truly amazing when you think about how I was in Texas a year ago, and in graphic design school two years ago, and teaching three and four years ago! UH-MAZING! So here's where I've been lately, and where I'm going to continue to be. I hope to post updates on this happy space soon. xoxo


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my second LADIES CRAFT NIGHT | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Here are some shots from the second LADIES CRAFT NIGHT I hosted this past Friday. I had the idea to have everyone bring an old t-shirt to cut up and create DIY headwraps with.

Unlike my first LADIES CRAFT NIGHT where I had to purchase the pumpkins and paint and brown paper for the table to minimize clean up, this one was much more cost efficient. All I needed to  prep with were old pieces of clothing I wouldn't mind chopping up, a few pairs of scissors, some chalk, and snacks around the table.

Below is what we were supposed to craft: a skeleton on the back of an old tank or tee (perfect for Halloween) and a super simple DIY headwrap turban.

my second LADIES CRAFT NIGHT | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Turns out: we never got around to crafting. Haa haa! I know, I know -- it's LADIES CRAFT NIGHT, and you're wondering why we never crafted. Read on...

First of all, with the two craft nights I've hosted I've run into the issue of guests arriving at different times during the night. This becomes a problem because if you wait for everyone to arrive to start, then the first batch of guests to arrive get too drunk to care to craft. If you don't wait for everyone to arrive to start crafting, then at some point in the night you have people who are done with their craft and people who haven't even started yet. Secondly, I'm never 100% sure who's going to be showing up, so we have ended up waiting for a no show. Foo. I invite my friends and family, and I think the underlying issue is that they like the idea of coming to craft, but lack the drive to DIY and passion for creativity that I and so many of you virtual crafty friends of mine have. I feel like if I could invite YOU GALS, it would be a different type of experience. ;)

Nonetheless, WE. HAD. A. FABULOUS. TIME. My sister, cousin Lauren, her friend Danni, and our neighbor Jackie showed up, and eat, drink, laugh, talk about celebrities, pose for pictures, and dance we did! Danni fell in love with my disco ball and kept thrusting it into the air. The next day he sent me the below picture of Lady Gaga and said that's what he was channeling. 

I'm going to hold up on hosting my third LADIES CRAFT NIGHT until January 2016, because with the holidays, everyone's going to be a tad bit crazy. Even still, I'm excited to think about what to craft next! Stay tuned!

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3

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Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I can't believe I am on my third & final 6x8 Simple Stories SN@P! album of 2015, and here I am with the title page of album 3! I kept the same title page template that I used for album 1 and album 2: four 3x4 inserts, one being a current photo of myself. Gold glitter washi to be used on the seam, a journal card, a statement card, and a card referencing my one little word for 2015: PROOF.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Like my past two Project Life title pages for 2015, I also chose a jumbo mambiSTICKS sticker to guide my next four months, and I chose the gold foil 'Happily Grateful' from this pack. I adhered it to a trimmed-to-size transparency and layered it on top.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

'A' could have easily been for 'Amanda' but the top, left card of each title page always referenced my one little word for 2015: PROOF. In album 1, the card called for my Jan - April to be spent 'finding' proof. In album 2, the card referenced me having found a little proof and in this album, all the proof has sent me into this last third of the year just...happy. Happily grateful.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

The top, right card is my specialty card. I had been saving it for a special occasion and album 3's title page is pretty special, if you ask me. Plus, it went so splendidly well with the whole black, white, and gold theme I was going for.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Finally, the bottom right card on this page is my journal card. It talks about how I'm feeling and what I'm hoping going into the next few months, and I embellished it with these sweet, puffy golf plus stickers from Studio Calico.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Also worth noting: this is the third album I adhered mambiSTICKS stickers too. Unlike album 1 and album 2's inside covers, however, this album included white and gold stickers. September through December of this magical year feels like it's bursting gold with potential, and gold has felt right with this album so far.

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Click the images below to flip through all three album's intro pages...
...because it's fun to compare and why not?!

PHOTOBOOTH @ Danielle & Jerry's Wedding

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Grams was here for the week leading up to our cousin Danielle's wedding. At the wedding, her sister Jenny set up her PHOTOBOOTH and the pictures above are some of my favorites. I plan to print the two with my Grandma and send them to her in Florida. I've also thought of blowing up three or four of my favorite ones to poster size and hanging them on the wall above my couch. We'll see what comes of them, but for now: as photos in this post is just fine.  

that October 2015 week when GRAMS was here

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October 10-18, 2015 : the week when GRAMS was here | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Grams was here from October 10th through the 19th to party with Danielle & Jerry on their Wedding Day. We were excited she arrived with BOTH shoes on, since the last time she came for her 80th birthday party, THIS happened. She stayed at mom's house, and the week leading up to the October 17th wedding, we had visitors from everywhere coming through to see her! John met her, dinners, brunches, cousins, stories of her two kitchen fires, laughs, wine, CARBS!!! ... Grams is one of a kind. She DOES NOT STOP. For 83 years old, she lets NOTHING hold her back. If she wasn't cooking, was was planning what to cook next, or rearranging mom's refrigerator, or losing her voice chatting it up with a dining table full of people. 

click the images below to enlarge

Then, on Saturday October 17th, there was the wedding. John & I's first wedding we attended together and I couldn't have asked for more fun. He looked so handsome in his orange & black best, and my dress was a great find at Nordstrom Rack. We partied with Grams and my family, danced, dined, and took PHOTOBOOTH pictures (which will come in a separate post tomorrow). Grams fell twice trying to 'drop it like it's hot'. My cousin Lauren fell once. "Another one down on Table 8" the DJ should have announced. fun, and you can click through the images below.

It's eerily quiet now that Grams's returned back home to her Floridan condo, and we miss her so! She's the most most independent, strong woman I know, and she really loves it down there, so we know she's alright. Not to mention, it's a great place to spend a few days (like we did back in April). Love you, Grams! Can't wait to see you again! Stay tuned for the full collection of PHOTOBOOTH photos coming in a post tomorrow. 


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my first LADIES CRAFT NIGHT held 9/25/2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'm excited to finally share with you some shots from my first LADIES CRAFT NIGHT. It's been something I've wanted to host / do/ start up for a long time and I'm proud of myself for setting a date and just doing it.

To prep, I purchased each attendee two medium-sized orange pumpkins and two mini white pumpkins (Trader Joe's had 'em for a good price). I laid brown craft paper I got from Staples on my long dining table to catch any paint drips or splatters. I also spread out 'a runner' of masking tape, paint brushes, and paint down the middle of the table.

my first LADIES CRAFT NIGHT held 9/25/2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Click on the images below to enlarge, and view scenes from the night. My sister had the idea to try some Fancy Tats™ Metallic Tattoos from me & my BIG ideas on one her pumpkins, and it came out great! I also adhered some large mambiSTICKS alphabet stickers to one of my pumpkins, which gave it something special.

I have my second LADIES CRAFT NIGHT scheduled for next Friday. I plan to host one of these once a month, and I hope to get better at hosting this type of craft event with each one! I'm excited! Stay tuned!