Amanda Rose Zampelli

30 in 30 list

I turned 30 years old on November 9th, and I decided to make a birthday list of thirty things I'm goaling to do in my 30th year: my 30 IN 30. I've seen lists like this around the internet (here and here) and even made a couple myself in the past. I felt inspired to try it again this year because I believe it's necessary to write down good things to look forward to.

Some things on the list are happy little reminders I can completely control: like #25: wear something sequins or #16: dress the cats in costume. Some things are new and exciting experiences that are going to be happening this year: #7: become an auntie (three times !!!) and #15: CHA! Winter Show!  Some have definite beginning and end dates, and some are ongoing goals that need consistent practice. All have been on my mind. All are things I believe my future self will thank me for. All are adventures in some way, and I feel ready to embark. 

Scroll below to see all 30 items on the list. Boxes with an image are clickable.