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This site, in some form or another, has been around since December 2009.  Its author, on the other hand, has been observing the world and sharing her findings for far longer than that...

Hi, I'm Amanda, and let's start with my name. My first name is Amanda and my middle name is Rose. I'm named after my two grandmas, and because I love them so much, I use both names in my online identity. However, if you see me on the street, 'Amanda' will do just fine.

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I'm a Blogger.

I write about + photograph the people and activities I love on a regular basis. I navigate through my life via bravery, vulnerability, kindness, and creativity -- and process what I experience by working it out via my keyboard and pushing 'publish' on what I come up with.


I make things. I use my hands. I play on the computer. I scrapbook. I memory keep. I document things as significant as my Grandpa's passing, and as silly as my hair getting stuck in a hair tie. I print photos like it's a chronic disease. I cut, slice, glue, stick, overlap, paint, doodle, and DIY my free time away. Creativity is my love drug, and I #cantstopwontstop.

I'm a designer.

I'm not as natural in this title as I am with the first two, but I believe it's the sum of the other two parts. I was born to create art people can use. I'm an innate problem solver and lover of words, communication, color, and images. All my life, I've been coming up with ways to make life more fun through something I could wear, share, display, or craft with -- and this is currently where I'm aiming to grow.

I hope i get paid to do these three things for the rest of my life.

This blog is my chronical of ^ that + the place to record all I want my future grandchildren to know about me.


I used to be a classroom teacher but ended up going through a complete career change into graphic design.  You can read (tons) more on that here.  My first design job was working for We R Memory Keepers  as a Product Designer & Developer, and for them I created two paper lines (IT FACTOR andLOVE NOTES) and innovated new products including their Alpha Block Stickers and Sequins Stickers.

'I Am a Happy Planner' | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Currently, I work from home for me & my BIG ideas as their Social Media Coordinator. (My 1 year workiversary with them was this past September.) I am a Happy Plannerâ„¢ babe, manage their blog and social media accounts, come up with marketing strategies, design web images, create projects with their product, hype new information to customers, manage & communicate with the women on the Design Team, and arrange for collaborations with other like-minded brands. It's been a lot of fun.

John & me on coasters | Amanda Rose Zampelli

2015 was a magical year for me, full of proof that the universe has my back. I moved into a new apartment with my two cats and found the love of my life in my boyfriend John. I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be and who I'm supposed to be there with. Inspired and ready to rock, 2016!

John & I on NYE 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli


Blogging is not dead, friends, and it's up to us to share our stories. Here you'll find mine in all its spontaneous, crafty, gratitude-filled, 'trying to live my best life' glory! I look forward to expanding the content and output of this space in the months/years to come, and I'd love if you took the journey along with me.

If random facts are your thing, herehere, and here are where you can read some.

I appreciate you stopping by, think you're wildly amazing, and would like to be internet friends. :)

Now go read some posts and tell me where there's typos. 

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