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recent pins // MAR 2017

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recent pins // MARCH 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

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These are some pinned images I've recently added to my Pinterest account. To look at them collectively, you can tell what mood I'm in and where my brain's been at. The posts in this series always bring me back. Back to this blog. Back to what matters to me on the internet. Back to words and images that reawaken my creative self.

I can feel a major style shift in me lately. Still trendy and airy, but with a minimalistic undertone that never existed in me before, or that did, but was waiting for the right time to reveal itself. Anyway, that's the designer in me talking. 

The human in me wants spring. Like now. Outdoor movement like roller skating and biking. Windows open. Evening ice cream dates. So ready.

Also, I've been having dreams of big, lush green jungle leaves spilling in and out of my living space. So weird, and so welcomed. 

february 2017 : currently

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february 2017 : currently | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • DIYing the above wire 'bulletin board' after seeing The Dainty Squid's version
  • starting a few new things
  • disbelieving that March is already a week away
  • struggling with healthy habits this month
  • revamping this blogspace & my website behind the scenes in whatever free moment I get
  • thinking about my one little word all the time
  • watching & rewatching the new episodes of "THIS IS US"
  • crushing on Milo Ventimilgia & his character Jack Pearson (who isn't?)
  • designing a CRY-O-METER for my Happy Planner® to record the amount of tears shed during an episode
  • wishing Johnny a happy & safe journey into the Navy
  • keeping an intentional distance between myself & social media
  • cutting back on dancing to invest time into something more beneficial to my career 
  • prepping a presentation entitled "Planning: From Passion to Profession & Beyond"
  • doing the absolute best I can
  • knowing it's enough
  • reading last year's currently list, and OMG: 2015's!

Valentine's Day 2017 FREE PRINTABLE Pocket Cards

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Valentine's Day 2017 free printable pocket cards | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Hey, babes! Happy Day of Love! I thought I'd pop on here today to share the few cards I designed to memory keep Valentine's Day this year. John and I are going to be WILDLY wrapped up in our own thing today being that it's Tuesday and our routine is normal, both working, me dancing later on tonight, so... I used my favorite photo from this past weekend.

Valentine's Day 2017 free printable pocket cards | Amanda Rose Zampelli

The sentiment behind the bigger 4x6 card is exactly true about this photo. I had planned to take a really cute styled shot of the both of us dressed up and use it for social media today, but alas that photo didn't happen, and this was the only one we got. I love it though, and it's SO US (hence the smaller 3x4 card...not to mention the reference to my new FAVORITE show). 'This is US' - him dressed to kill, trying to be cool with his Mona Lisa smile, and me - a bull in China shop - cheesein' as hard as I can in the background.

Valentine's Day 2017 free printable pocket cards | Amanda Rose Zampelli

They are the most perfect simple Valentine's cards for me this year (I predict that 4x6 one will apply to so many future photos) and I thought they might work perfectly for your documenting needs as well.

That is why I've made these designs available to download for free. Click on the image to download.

You might notice there are three different 3x4 'This is US' cards. One says Valentine's Day 2017 one says Valentine's Week 2017 and the third one says We so fancy. Since the photo I was using wasn't taken on the actual Valentine's Day, but rather the weekend before, I wanted to accurately described that: hence, Valentine's WEEK.

I included a card that reads 'we so fancy' so it could be used at any time of the year to describe a fancied up couple, not just Valentine's Day. ;)

Below, I show you how you can build upon a couple of the cards from my downloadable page, plus a photo of you and your honey. One of my favorite ways to paper play is by looking through my collected stash of pocket cards and - by combing different patterns and colors - creating my own festive 'kit' for whatever occasion I'm documenting. Here's how my accumulated & self-curated 'kit' looks for Valentine's Day: 

Valentine's Day 2017 free printable pocket cards | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'm in love!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you decide to download and create with these cards, I'd so appreciate it if you could tag me @amandarosezamp on Instagram + twitter. 

click HERE for more of my free downloads //
click HERE to view more of my memory keeping 2017

BONUS: how I documented our Valentine's last year

memory keeping 2016 // my full, completed year using The Happy Planner®

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memory keeping 2016 // my full, completed year using The Happy Planner® | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I can't believe that it has already been a year since I wrote THIS POST. Right around this time, last year, I was making the decision with myself to combine the two main ways I was memory keeping my years prior: in my planner and in a Project Life-style pocket scrapbooking album, and merge it all into a hybrid form of memory keeping in The Happy Planner®.

I used the 12 months of 2016 from the original 'My Life' Happy Planner® split into three sections: Jan-April / May-August / Sept-Dec, each put on a set of expander discs. One Happy Planner® turned into three, full well-loved memory albums, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it.

memory keeping 2016 // my full, completed year using The Happy Planner® | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I developed a system for myself - filling each monthly page the same way, filling each dashboard page the same way, and using the same techniques to get my weekly pages filled up as well. This system of filling the pages worked SO WELL that I was able to create a class on Big Picture Classes called "Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®" teaching it to my fellow planner babes. You can check our my post on it HERE.

memory keeping 2016 // my full, completed year using The Happy Planner® | Amanda Rose Zampelli

My final album, documenting September through December ended up being the most chunky of the three. (You can see that above.) This was because I punched and included the cards I received for my birthday in November, and also attached all my Christmas cards at the very end.

Some of my weekly pages for December can be viewed below.

Moving forward, I shall continue memory keeping using a CLASSIC sized Happy Planner®. It's still a medium that greatly excites me, and I can't beat the efficiency and ease of the smaller photos I print at home. However I have been thinking of how I could switch it up for myself to keep it fresh and engaging. 

For one, I'm using the new "This Is Your Year" Happy Planner®, which is wildly different in style than the one I used for 2016. My 2016 Happy Planner® had a bold, distinct color designated to each month, so it was easy for me to work with it all month long, pulling stickers and pocket cards from my stash coordinated with that specific color. The planner I'm using this year is very minimal, using a blank slate of black & white each month, with neutrals grey, gold, and kraft paper as accent colors.

Secondly, I've been experimenting this month with a digital template I created (see sneak of it HERE). It should be interesting, and I'll talk more about my approach to memory keeping in my Happy Planner® this year in a future blog post - once I've experiment a bit and decided on a particular methodology I'll be using. 

In the meantime...
see my progress on it at this hashtag on Instagram: #ARZ_memorykeeping2017,
and see all my post of last year's at #ARZ_memorykeeping2016.

behind the scenes // my New Years Photoshoot

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behind the scenes // my New Years Photoshoot | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I thought I'd share a behind the scenes look at my New Year photo that I've been posting everywhere lately. I know whenever I come across someone's fun self-portrait or photoshoot project, the social media buff in me goes into 'detective' mode and tries to analyze how it was created, a possibly strategize how I could recreate something similar to it myself. 

With today's post, I wanted to demystify THIS photo by giving you to a behind the scenes peek of and some notes on how I created it. Hopefully, I'll encourage you to try something like it yourself!

Firstly, I knew New Years was coming up, and knew I wanted a photo for it, so I planned ahead. I actually took this photo on Christmas Day, before heading out to my family's traditional Christmas brunch. I was already 'hair done, make-up did' for actually going out, and that's usually the only time a GLAM shot of myself will actually happen. The point being: when you're going to be glammed up for an actual occasion, plan to host a mini photoshoot for yourself before heading out to the event.

behind the scenes // my New Years Photoshoot | Amanda Rose Zampelli

As far as my outfit goes...that sequins top is actually a dress that I bought years ago, never wore because it's too short and skanky, and still has the tag on. I'd never wear it out at this point, unless I get it altered, but it upped the glam game of the photo for sure! I slid a black tutu that's too big for me (I need to learn how to shop apparently) over it, and ended up holding it or posing in a way where it wouldn't fall down.  Wear things to suit the feel of the photo, then hang it back up and put your cozy clothes back on.

Second thing to note: it doesn't take a HUGE, EXPENSIVE set-up to take an impactful photo. Below is my setup, and although I'm looking to improve it eventually, I'm in no rush and this gets the job done. The silver string curtain was purchased on amazon months ago - for Valentine's Day 2016, actually - and reused for this shoot. It hangs down, with extra, from my 8-foot ceiling, and I adhere it to my wall with clear packing tape. Also, set up near a large window in your home because bright, natural light is always the way to go.

behind the scenes // my New Years Photoshoot | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Above you can see the stool I used to hang up the curtain, and my tripod setup. It's rigged with masking tape, and weighed down with a bean bag meant to be heated up and placed over your eyes for relaxation. Yeah...we are super high end over here!


Another note - that I think we all know, but for some reason often forget - is that: it took about 30-40 photos to get the one that was good enough to go with. Take a large amount of photos, lovies. If you're not too critical - there's bound to be a few that make the cut. 

I took some BAD ones, and I love when people see the chosen one out of the neglected 50 and go, "you're so gorgeous!" Haa haa! Thank you, I'll take the compliment, but if they saw some of the others, they'd be more like, "John, your girlfriend! WOOF!" ...and that's okay because I got one I can use, and I plan to play it out 'til I can't stand the sight of it anymore, and social media is weird and let's just roll with it!

My final note is to use a good self-timer app - a good self-timer app is everything. THIS is the one I use, and you can adjust the amount of seconds you have before it starts photographing, and the amount of photos you want it to take at a time. This helps take your photos for the 'shoot' in bulk. I usually set the app to take 10 photos at a time, and therefore only 4 or 5 rounds with the self-timer app will get me a couple of photos I like enough to use.

These quickie, self-hosted low budget photoshoots create great content for memory keeping, FYI. Documenting my one little word® for 2017 with it not only creates more interest around what I have to say about it, but provides a time stamp of who I am & how I feel at the start of it.

Read about my one little word® for 2017 HERE.
--- --- ---
See a past self-hosted photoshoot for my cousin's 16th
birthday HERE,and behind the scenes of it HERE.
--- --- ---
I also photographed a beach photoshoot baby announcement back in 2014 HERE.

memory keeping 2017 // my one little word & intro pages

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my olw & intro spread in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I revealed and posted about my one little word® for 2017: REFRESH yesterday on the blog, and today I'm talking about how I included it into my 'This is Your Year' Happy Planner® - the one I'm using to memory keep my 2017.

This is my sixth year participating in Ali Edwards' one little word® practice, and every year I've created some type of visual representation of my word. In 2012, I designed a wooden stamp that I used right on top of photos that demonstrated my word 'MOVEMENT' that year. In 2013, I designed a different monthly mantra with my word 'MAKE' to fit inside a frame I looked at every morning. Some pages in a 12 x 12 pocket scrapbooking album was created with my word 'WORK' for 2014, and a board book in 2015 for my word 'PROOF'. Last year. I made a specialty Happy Planner® spread for my word 'BIG'.

This year, I went reaaaaaal basic. I self-hosted a New Years-themed quickie photoshoot in my apartment, chose my favorite photo from the bunch, and digitally added the text on top of it. Then I printed a full size photo and adhered it right on top of 2018's 'year at glance' page because this book is about 2017 only. DONE!

my olw & intro spread in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'm already trying to live out my word 'REFRESH' aesthetically through my new Happy Planner® - choosing to go with a more simple, minimalistic style. Here's how my intro pages came out... 

my olw & intro spread in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I like it. I can see myself using white & grey as the main color combo throughout this planner, with silver and black accent pieces, sometimes gold, and maybe a certain color pop each month. I don't know. We'll see. That's my plan as of now. What I do predict as a definite is that my beloved grey MILDLINER highlighter and dark & light grey Stabilo pens will be getting a lot of use this year.

...and shall we address the white elephant in the room: my new white discs? So fresh and so clean! During my most recent trip to the mambi office back on October 2016, I stopped by the mock-up room where my girl Chandler works, and she was able to get me a batch of white and a batch of mint (not yet used, but soon) discs. So these white discs actually started out white, but I spray-painted them whiter. They had a slight lavender tint to them, so a few coats of bright white did the trick. Done & done & LOVE!

I was inspired to spray paint after Mariel (a.k.a. @momandagirlwithplans on IG) sent me over a project as part of her duties as a mambi Design Team member that showed how she spray painted a couple of batches of discs a custom color of her choice. Unfortunately, we couldn't feature it on the company's blog because of customer service issues that might have resulted from the technique, but I'm glad she featured it on her blog! ...and so far so good on my own Happy Planner®.

my olw & intro spread in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I printed that New Years photo a bunch of times - in a bunch of different sizes - because when I like a photo of myself, I put it everywhere! Haa haa! ...and here it is again on my intro pages! A silver foil moon die cut was included as well, and trimmed marble cardstock page I had was also cut up and added some chic flair.

my olw & intro spread in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'm looking forward to what comes out of me & into this memory keeping album. I'm hoping 2017 is just as good a year to me as 2016 was. Bye 2016. Hi 2017. Let's do it!

--- --- ---

Read about my one little word® for 2017 HERE.
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See what I've done with The Happy Planner® in the past HERE.

Follow me on Instagram @amandarosezamp for information on the daily. 

my one little word for 2017 : REFRESH

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my one little word®for 2017: REFRESH | Amanda Rose Zampelli

HULL-LO, NEW YEAR! I've arrived! It's 2017 and I'm in need of a REFRESH, just like the little circle arrow icon you press when your webpage is stuck and needs a little boost. Same content, little boost. THAT is the idea behind my word this year. My life feels filled with content that's in line with my purpose (finally! thank you, Lord!) because I'm with the right people, in the right place, doing the right things - but at this point, a REFRESH of it all is in order.

I've had my word for a while, and it first came to me when John and I started going out almost two years ago. I kept describing him as refreshing. In so many areas of our relationship he truly is like a burst of cold water to my face on a hot day. I want to start feeling like that about more things...and I've decided they could be things already serving me well! I'm going to start asking myself, "How can I make this more refreshing?" I feel like the answer to that a lot of the time will be "take a nap, then try again," and that leads me to talk about REFRESH as in rest.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you."

I want to rest more. I also want to not feel guilty about wanting to rest more. With my olw as REFRESH it's almost like a command to rest. Almost like a command to have myself turn inward and ask what is it I need right now. Maybe it'll be a nap. Maybe it'll be a walk. Maybe it'll be a visit to my mom's - to actively turn off the work/social media/responsibility part of my brain and talk to her. Laugh with her. BE with her. REFRESH. Yeah, more of that this year.

Also, dance. Jeez, my sweet little dancing hobby. This year's word could have very well been 'DANCE' because NOTHING refreshes me like my dancing hobby does. I step on the studio floor, and everything completely melts away. I am so in tune with the music and my body, and I have never left the studio NOT feeling accomplished, energized, and rebooted. I'm so grateful for it and my body's capability to participate, and I have no plans of stopping. A full Bachata-filled 2017 for me, please and thank you! 

I want to REFRESH my brand and what I stand for. I've been working on a major overhaul of this website and blog behind the scenes, and with it will - without a doubt - come a REFRESH of motivation and a REFRESH on my short and long-term business goals.  This has been on the farthest realm of the backburner for the past couple of years, and I'm so excited to put it at the top of my priority list this year. I deserve to.

So, yes, loves. // REFRESH is my one little word® this year. // I want to REFRESH my mind when it's overloaded by the over-saturation of what others are doing. I want to REFRESH my soul when it's stressed or stuck. I want to REFRESH my body when it's had enough. I want to REFRESH my space when it's cluttered & messy. It's a bit of a self-care word, isn't it? I like that.

"She refilled her pitcher, and in doing so, she was able to refresh everyone around her."

This is my sixth (!!!) year choosing a word for the year. REFRESH is joining last year's BIG, 2015's PROOF, 2014's WORK, 2013's MAKE, and 2012's MOVEMENT. At the end of this year, all six words will be a part of me, and we shall see what comes of it. Cheers to that, lovies!

--- --- ---

(1) YES, I am aware of the RepHresh Family of Feminine Hygiene Products, and NO, it has nothing to do with my word. Haa haa! My sister brought it to my attention two days ago, but my word was already long since chosen. NO REGRETS!

(2) I'll be posting tomorrow how I included it in my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017. :) YAY! See you then!

reflections on my little word® 2016: BIG

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reflections on my one little word® 2016: BIG | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Around this time last year, I wrote: "It's 2016 and I'm aiming for BIG things. BIG belief in myself. BIG trust. BIG magic. BIG chunks of time spent on activities that make me happy. BIG ideas. BIG celebrations. BIG smiles. BIG heart. In 2016, I shall be participating in Ali Edward's One Little Word™ exercise by thinking & living BIG." 

Well, loves, I'm here to report that all those things above have occurred, but only on the back end, currently thinking on my year in retrospect, do I really see how. It's been a BIG year, in the most subtle way possible. Let me explain...

Choosing 'BIG' to be my word for 2016 was a given because by the end of 2015 (my year of PROOF) I was with John in my new apartment, going on my second year working for me & my BIG ideas, and more so than ever - the who I was with, where I was living, and what I was doing felt on track. ...and with feeling 'on track' comes the feeling of: now how do I EXPAND upon this?

Choosing BIG to be my word this year was right on target, but it overwhlemed me right out the gate. For some weird, unknown exaggerated reason, I thought big, crackling fireworks of growth and opportunity was going to fill my January! Haa haa! I literally thought I was going to design a whole bunch of stuff for myself, revamp my website, change lives at CHA, and become an expert hand-letterer! I don't know what came over me, but it must have been that 'new year/new beginnings' haze. Glad that shit wore off. 

Looking back - big crackling fireworks of growth did occur, but in the form of silent experimentation...that unbeknownst to me at the time would illicit growth of monumental proportions.

BIG dancing
On January 2nd, 2016 I attended my first dance social at the studio. I went completely out of my comfort zone, experimented on the dance floor with moves I learned in class - and I was hooked. HOOKED, I tell ya! That led to me attending more dance socials, finding a hobby in dancing Bachata that I'm pretty sure will last my whole life, and performing in costume on multiple occasions! It was BIG, to say say the least.

BIG Picture Classes
Also, in January - I made a silent, very unofficial decision with myself: to keep all my crazy & wild memory keeping projects - that I had embarked on in 2015 and years prior - STREAMLINED and CONSOLIDATED into one album: my Happy Planner®. We all know how that panned out - 12 months later, all of my memories from 2016 are recorded on the pages of one Happy Planner®. I recorded them efficiently and in a systematic way that allowed me to develop an online class about it for Big Picture.

Coincidence that the website is called BIG Picture in a year that
I declared my one little word 'BIG'? I think not.

BIG speaking opportunities for me & my BIG ideas
The opportunity with Big Picture Classes was really a dream of mine come true. I have always wanted to teach online crafting classes, and my class with them entitled "Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®" couldn't have been a more perfect one to start with.

...and in addition to that opportunity, BIG opportunities came my way this year: my job as the Social Media Coordinator for me & my BIG ideas had me travel to six (6!!!) different trade shows and conferences to teach/talk/connect/meet other women out there like me and inform about the product. I shine at these type of events - and with each one I attended, got better and better at this work. That, without a doubt, led to the ladies at NYC Planner Addicts and Sugary Gal Shop inviting me to speak at their Planner Event hashtagged #NYCSGSpresentsMAMBI. It was an amazing experience, and I can't thank those girls enough for letting me represent The Happy Planner® brand, tell a bit of my story, and be inspired by them & all the attendees. It was HUGE for me.

BIG ideas
I can't speak for anyone else, but the best things happen to me organically. If I try to force growth - like I did at the start of this year - it backfires in my face. Instead, when I calm myself down, take time to turn inward and apply what I'm observing presently around me to my future goals, I end up igniting the fire of something that's going to develop me. I wrote a post on it back in August that I titled "new things are happening quietly inside of me" that articulates it a bit better. an outsider, it might look like I'm doing nothing, that growth has stunted or that I'm 'comfortable' in my situation and therefore stagnant . But that's not true. “New [Big] things are happening very quietly inside of me."

BIG, as in 'adulting'
You guys, 2016 was my first full calendar year of acting 'BIG', like an adult. I definitely don't feel like I was an adult, instead a total imposter, but truth is I lived on my own in my apartment, making meals, cleaning up, paying bills, doing chores, keeping myself and my cats alive for the first time! That's MEGA for me!

If you knew me three years ago, you'd laugh. Maybe cry. The thought of being on my own was HORROR-movie level terrifying to me. No joke. I'm a late bloomer, and even though three years ago I was 29, and most chicks that age are married with 2+ kids and a home, I was perfectly content in my room in my mother's house. However, I wasn't content - I was paralyzed with the most severe anxiety of my life - and after battling through it and months of therapy, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. (My one little word that year was WORK btw, and NEVER AGAIN.)

But here I am, you guys. I did it! The realization that I acted like an adult this whole year has been causing scenes from the movie 'BIG' to flash in my mind lately. The one in particular where Tom Hanks has to stay at a hotel, and goes from being scared and crying the first night, to owning it and inviting his friend over for Oreos, not even flinching when a gun shot goes off out his window. Haa haa! That's me! ...oh and THIS ONE when he's at a work meeting and "doesn't get it". That's me too. Oh my gosh! I love that movie! 

reflections on my one little word® 2016: BIG | Amanda Rose Zampelli


So yeah. BIG things happened subtly. Not at all the way I expected, but totally in line with my goals that I listed at the start of the year.

I've gained BIG belief in myself. Tremendous belief. BIG trust in my timeline and my capabilities and God's plan for me. BIG magic for sure: on the dance floor, during my work day, out at conferences, in my Happy Planner® and in millions of little moments this year. BIG chunks of 'me time' which allowed space for those BIG ideas. BIG celebrations - most notably in the form of the best low key birthday I could've asked for!  BIG smiles and BIG heart from start to finish as well. The people in my world this year - my friends and family, each and every interaction - got all of my heart. I just want you to know that. 

I'm sad to see this year go. It was a great one, and I venture to say my best yet. So much good bottled up in one trip around the sun. 'BIG' served me well, and like all the one little words of my past, will be with me forever. 2015's PROOF, 2014's WORK, 2013's MAKE, and 2012's MOVEMENT.

I'm excited to share my one little word for 2017, which will be my sixth year participating in this project! I plan to post it on this space January 1st. Oh the suspense! Haa haa! See you then, lovies.

my 2017 planner line up

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my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I have been using a Happy Planner® since March 2015 - before they even hit the market. At this point, I can say I am an expert on the system, and have learned these past two years how to best use it to meet my everyday needs.

I am going into 2017 with seven (SEVEN!!!) disc-bound Happy Planners® in my arsenal, and this is the blog post explaining what I plan to use each one of them for.

Keep in mind: even though I've created seven designated Happy Planners®, only three of those will be filled in daily. The other four are extra notebooks/journals/planners for specific creative or organizational purposes. Starting with my three daily planners, here's my 2017 line up...

my BIG 'Get Things Done' Happy Planner®

my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I am using the BIG 'Make Things Happen' Happy Planner® as my fully functional 'planner' planner. You can get frequent updates on it by exploring its hashtag #ARZ_fullyfunctionalHappyPlanner. I plan to keep two-to-three months of it inside of the Rose Gold Snap-In Hard Cover, and change out the discs every month.

my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Since July, I've been designing my own 'Planner Strips' to lay over the daily columns of the weekly pages to provide lines and times for each day. I customize the strips with my morning routine and evening dance classes, so I don't have to waste time and pen ink writing them in over and over.

I've gotten many comments and requests to make these Planner Strips available as a download, and I've gone back and forth on whether or not I will. Perhaps a definitive answer will reveal itself in 2017, but for now, I print them out for myself, and they really do help me stay more organized. 

my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017

my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli pride & joy & baby! My memory keeping Happy Planner®. I've used the twelve months of 2016 in the original 'My Life' Happy Planner® to document my January through December of this year. The system of filling the pages I developed for myself worked SO WELL that I was able to create a class on Big Picture Classes called "Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®" teaching it to my fellow planner babes.

Most of this blog this year has been posts sharing pages from this very planner, I've posted flip-throughs of this planner on YouTube, and it's probably my most-viewed hashtag on Instagram with over 150 tags: #ARZ_memorykeeping2016.

my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli

For #ARZ_memorykeeping2017, I shall be using my beloved CLASSIC sized 'This Is Your Year' Happy Planner® with all its black & white & chic simplistic glory! It's going to be a challenge to use the minimal color palette, but I'm up for it, and I'm excited to share more -- including how I documented my one little word® for 2017 on one of its first pages. SO CUTE! I DIE! 

my MINI Fitness Planner

my 2017 Happy Planner® line up | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Oh, my MINI Fitness Planner! I first wrote about it in this post back in October, explaining that I had used the CLASSIC size Fitness Planner for a year and LOVED it, but was so excited about the smaller, portable version! 

I've been using it for the past two months and sharing it with the hashtag #ARZ_miniFitnessPlanner (yes, my three main Happy Planners® have their own hashtags...what? you're don't?) on Instagram. While the new mini Happy Planners® seemed wayyy to small for me, and I couldn't envision choosing them over my beloved BIG or cLASSIC size, using the mini for fitness works perfectly for me. 

BIG Happy Planner® Sketchbook

CLASSIC Budget Planner

Using extra covers from the BIG 'Kaleidoscope' Happy Planner® and two packs of extra discs, I created an 8.5 x 11" outer skeleton for what I hope to fill with plain printer paper of sketches that I punch with The Happy Planner® PUNCH. WAH LAH: I created a Happy Planner® Sketchbook. ...and now knowing I have a place to store sketches and doodles, I'll be likely to make more of them.

I was thoroughly impressed when I flipped through the new Happy Planner® BUDGET Extension Pack back in October when I visited the mambi much so, I knew with the turn of the year, I'd want to try it out for myself. To create mine, above, I took the specialty cover from the 'Color Your World' Happy Planner® and slid in the 'Budget Planner' title page from the extension page (I trimmed the tab off so it would fit).

mambi notebook

Rose Gold Horizontal CAREER JOURNAL

Above is a notebook I created to house important info for my job as the Social Media coordinator of me & my BIG ideas. It contains all the contact info of the girls on the Design Team, and stuff like that. Also, just extra filler paper and hourly sheets in case I need them.

Finally, my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner® that I use as my Career Journal. The horizontal layout works well to journal feelings or quotes or one or two tasks I completed that's getting me closer to where I want to be. It's been providing great motivation, and keeping me clear on my goals. I shared a flip through of it on my Instagram back in September.

...and that's my seven! I'm anxious to see how they will take me through what I hope to be my most creative, organized, and productive year yet! In the end, it's just paper play, and meant to make mundane daily tasks a little more fun, right? Let's try not to forget that! 

See hear more about my 2016 with The Happy Planner®, read this postthis post.
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memory keeping 2016 // 12 months of DASHBOARD pages

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I can't believe I decided on this memory keeping process eleven months ago, and badda bing badda boom, here we are about to turn to the next calendar year, and I have all of 2016 documented and accounted for.

Because of the system I developed for myself - within the system of The Happy Planner® - I was able to create my first class with Big Picture entitled "Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®" explaining all my tips & techniques that went into this past year of documenting in this way.

Lesson 3 of my class entitled "Monthly Dashboard Pages" has been a really popular lesson so far, according to the feedback. In the lesson, I explain why I consider these pages my 'scrapbooking moment', talk about when I complete them, and show a video on how one of these comes together. 

Below, you can see 12 months of DASHBOARD pages customized to my style, and themed up my way leading into each month. This is a really fun, therapeutic part of getting your album/planner filled.

Read detailed posts on some of the dashboards:
February | April | July | September

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7 (seven!!!) years blogging & thoughts

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7 (seven!!!) years bloggin & thoughts | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Every year, on or around December 16th, I get incredibly sentimental. It's my bloggiversary, and today, I have been writing and keeping some version of this lifestyle & crafting blog for seven years.

On that faithful day, seven years ago, I posted an off-center photo of a mint-colored moped because I had this 'thing' for mopeds, and imaging owning a cute mint Vespa was to me - on that particular day - the epitome of living a happy life. Too funny and it's kind of ridiculous looking back on it now, yet somehow that post was a hella serious and a pivotal moment for me, you know?

The past seven years of posting on a platform all my own has gotten me closer and closer to the happy life I feel I'm supposed to be living.

I post glimpses into my life: cats, family, relationship, outfits, thoughts on being type A, soundtracks, adventures - whatever I'm INTO & is HAPPENING. This allows my readers to get to know me a bit more, and therefore more apt to check back in, but really those posts are for me. I'm a life-documenter, memory keeper, and recorder by nature, and this is another avenue for me to do so - and have my stories in my voice available for my future grandchildren to read.

first ever blog post written on 12/16/2009 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I post my feelings - like an open, emotional diary - because writing them out allows me to process them better. My whole emotional journey in and out of teaching was recorded via my then blog, and I wouldn't take a single post away from it.

I post my projects, what I'm working on, and my creations - which no doubt acted as my resume and cover letter better than my real resume and cover letter ever could have. I'm convinced those posts landed me my first design job with We R Memory Keepers, and my current job with me & my BIG ideas.

You guys, I blog for a living over at me & my BIG ideas. I don't even think that job existed seven years ago when I started blogging! I still can't get over how I was drawn to blogging back then. I was wildly curious about this platform, and knew it had the makings of all the things I truly loved & enjoyed: writing, photography, design, communication, content creation, inspiration, and connection. There is a reason we feel a pull toward certain things, and I'm here to tell you I'm so happy I let go and allowed the tide of blogging to take me where I was supposed to be, where I belong.

I wouldn't take a single flawed post away from the past seven years. It's gotten me to this point right now, and I'm clearer than I've ever been before on how I want to use my online space and make it work for me. It will take time I often don't have to execute, but it's living in my brain, and it's BIG - like in this post. Hopefully 2017 will be the year it comes to the surface, but we shall see!

Happy Bloggiversary to me, and thank you for being here to read about it. Whether it's your first visit or you've been with me for several years now, thank you. My words only mean something where you are present to hear them. Thank you.

past posts:
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my first ever blog post


my class with Big Picture Classes starts MONDAY!!!

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my class with Big Picture Classes starts MONDAY! Woo hoo! | Amanda Rose Zampelli

You guys, I'm a disgraceful blogger. Actually, that's not true. I'm a kick-ass blogger over on the blog I get paid to write for: the me & my BIG ideas blog. But I haven't been able to give the time and attention this space really needs in, like, MONTHS (!!!) and my last post was OVER a month ago! (deep sigh) There is sooooo much I want to share, and sooooo much living in my brain that wants to come out!  Really and truly, though, I'm trying to ease up. I'm trying to get back on some sort of routine, and with the turn of the calendar pages into the new year, make way for a BIG REFRESH.

With all that said, I'm popping on here today to share NEWS!  My first class with Big Picture Classes called 'Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner™' is launching THIS MONDAY, December 12th! Woo hoo! I poured my life-documenting loving heart out into this class (on most nights & weekends this Fall) giving you a six-lesson in-depth look of how I did what I did in The Happy Planner™ I used for memory keeping this year. This is the online class I was born to teach, and about it, Big Picture writes:

"Join the memory planning craze! Amanda Rose Zampelli shares her tried and true methods for memory keeping in her Happy Planner™.  After many years of using different methods to document her memories, Amanda has perfected a system of using her planner to capture everyday moments. She'll walk you through how to set up your Happy Planner™, share tips and tricks for resizing and editing photos, and give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for using monthly and weekly spreads for memory keeping." 

I am floored to see it 'in the flesh' on the site (haa haa! oxymoron city!) and I'd be overjoyed if you decided to check it out! You can sign up for a two week free trial to Big Picture Classes and gain access to all the high quality crafting classes on the site, mine included. After the two weeks, its only $9.95 a month to continue. Affordable and fun - you can't go wrong!

That's all, butterballs! I can't wait for it to go live and have the REAL conversation begin! I'm ALL about this stuff, ya'll, if you didn't know already from my job title or my #ARZ_memorykeeping2016 hashtag. HULL-LLO!

Tell your friends, sign up for the free trial, and we'll start this party Monday! See ya there!

(flip through the slideshow below to catch a glimpse at all I'll teach you how to do)

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using custom horizontal fitness strips in my MINI Fitness Happy Planner™

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using my MNI Happy Planner™ for Fitness w/ my horizontal fitness planner strips | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I've been an avid user of The Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner since it's release a year ago. It's only come in the CLASSIC size, and has always been an UNdated version. In The Happy Planner™'s latest release happening October 31st, a MINI DATED Fitness Happy Planner™ will be making it's debut! YAY!

I got my hands on one when I was in the mambi office a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I posted the above image to my Instagram account explaining: 

"...the MINI fitness planner is the MINI I'm most excited about. I wanted to start using it immediately to get used to the smaller size so pulled out the MINI extension pack, filled in now until January, but realized it was a horizontal layout (not vertical like the fitness planner usually has). I created a quick horizontal design to help me log my meals and workouts each day, and WAH LAH: a MINI fitness planner to take on the go and help me plan a healthy life!"

Watch the YouTube video I created above, explaining my approach to this new MINI Fitness Happy Planner™ and how I used my horizontal fitness strips to prep November.

using my MNI Happy Planner™ for Fitness w/ my horizontal fitness planner strips | Amanda Rose Zampelli




^ Above is a close up of what the design looks like. There's a grey space to write in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks for the day, and a color bar to write down your exercise. 

I used the bold, round circle numbers for special dates, like November 9th: my birthday. I use the more simple numbers for ordinary days. Once my horizontal strips are glued down, I then place stickers & washi right on top to theme up my week.

Click on the print page to the right > to download the free print page and get the fitness insert for your horizontal MINI.

Below are the few spreads I completed for November - including the week of Halloween and Pinners Utah, my birthday week and Thanksgiving week! So fun!


I love that the MINI layout calls for only a few stickers and embellishments because there's really NO ROOM for more. This has worked for me to do these themed layouts before hand - which I've seen other planner babes do week to week, but has been something I've never done until this MINI fitness planner.

using my MNI Happy Planner™ for Fitness w/ my horizontal fitness planner strips | Amanda Rose Zampelli

With the many Happy Planners™ I use, I never really get to prep weeks in advance because I'm either filling in the days as they happen with lists and ToDos and pure function, or I'm filling in the weeks after they've passed because I'm memory keeping them. This MINI fitness planner is so fun to theme up ahead of time and gaze at for weeks #beforethepen.

using my MNI Happy Planner™ for Fitness w/ my horizontal fitness planner strips | Amanda Rose Zampelli

You can follow my progress in this MINI Fitness Happy Planner™
on the Instagram hashtag #ARZ_miniFitnessPlanner.

See all my past planner posts HERE.

snippets / september 2016

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snippets / september 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • my meal prepping game goes on
  • the hair trim I desperately needed
  • our Saturday night date night on the water
  • our Labor Day 'OFF' of work...NOT!
  • the A-Team at Pinners Conference, TX
  • meeting my boo/bae/wittle deer/sister form another mister Erica at Pinners
  • Heart full. Graitude high. #mood at the end of the long Pinners weekend.
  • Dance practices started up again! Us three back at it on the Ladies Salsa Team!
  • the sunset on the last official day of summer 2016 {tear}

other notable things this month:

I was OBSESSED with my September monthly dashboard page. I rode the 'planner high' from Pinners Conference, TX all month long. I was a bit confused about September dressing: too hot/too cold. I got food poisoning and claimed I was 'dying'. I started participating in #100HappyDays with my work bestie Hannah, and am doing so by using the 1 second everyday app. I've been finding a rhythm with all of my Happy Planners™. I sat by the first fire pit of the season. THESE THREE fictional characters describe me. Tickets for a November 19th Planner Meetup Event went on sale...and YES: I've already started planning for January.

a bit about snippets:

Blogger Manda Townsend posts snippets of her life every now and then, and after reading her ode to snippets post back in January 2014, I commented that I would join her in 'snippetting'. :)  

I posted snippets of my month on the last(ish) day of every month in 2014 and 2015, and I am back doing the same for 2016. See Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug.

See 2015 snippets of Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec
See 2014 snippets of Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec

using & setting up my Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner this month

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I've been talking a lot lately about finding my rhythm with all of my Happy Planners™ (yes, I use multiple). By 'rhythm' I mean what works daily for me to fill each planner. This post is to talk a bit about the rhythm I found with my Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner.

using & setting up my Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner in September 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

First, let's talk the lefthand 'notes' column. I've been using it to jot down three weekly goals, or things to remember, or to pep talk myself in a few words. I'll usually put a sticker at the top, use number stickers 1 to 3 paired with my jots, and end the column with a colorful quote sticker at the bottom.

Next, the bottom row where exercise is meant to be tracked. The open grey boxes are always a bit intimidating to me. I'm a person who needs lines. My solution has been sticky notes. Alternating, brightly colored sticky notes - most of which work better for me because they have lines or a grid, or a place for me to 'rest' my handwriting upon.

using & setting up my Happy Planner™ Fitness Planner in September 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

As far as the monthly pages go, I was inspired by what Michelle (@planthehappies) did in her fitness planner back in May. Michelle filled out the entire month with a healthy decision every day no matter how small. I decided to use the monthly boxes to journal how my day went, highlighting good choices with a  gold star, or highlighting workouts in yellow.

Click through the gallery of images below to see how I've been filling the
pages of my Fitness Planner since its debut at the beginning of this year. 

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#100HappyDays // #The100DaysProject

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100 days of something. This is not a new concept. Whether you know it as #100DaysofHappy or #The100DaysProject, the idea behind it is simple: for 100 days in a row, make it an intention to do/notice/document/share something that makes you happy, or brings you some sort of expressive release.

Hannah & me // Snapchat ladies | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I've seen a bunch of inspiring participants of this 100-day challenge (#100daysofelisepeptalks and #lacypaintsfor100days and #100daysofdrawingpeople) but never thought of jumping on board.

That is until my work bestie Hannah Joy Schwartz said to me a few weeks ago, "Hey! You want to do #100HappyDays of something with me?"

My immediate reaction to this proposal was hesitation and resistance, knowing I couldn't (and shouldn't) add another thing to my plate. However, I love Hannah, and it's not everyday another inspirational woman walking the world calls on you to join her in a creative happiness project. I knew this to be true, and I thought on it. Participation to be determined.

Then I found out Friday, September 23rd marked the first day of the last 100 days of 2016. Okay, so now we had an official date to begin. ...and 100 days from that date were the final bunch of the year. Oh, okay. I started to feel a bubble of motivation forming. Participation likely.

Next - I had to think about how I wanted to participate.  Hannah decided she was going to work in her Happy Planner™ everyday for 100 days, since she feels like she's been 'neglecting' her pages and wants to get her groove back with it. A Happy Planner™ challenge - for me - wasn't what I wanted to do. I thought about incorporating my dancing into the 100 days somehow, but know I need my rest days a few times a week. 

I wanted to do something quick and easy, but impactful at the same time. I didn't want it to feel like #TheHappyPlannerIGChallenge, and be a daily photo thing either. Something quick, easy, and impactful - that I wouldn't have to flood my social media feed with everyday - but yet still DO everyday - that would help me capture and express happiness during the last 100 days of 2016.


#100HappyDays // #The100DaysProject | Amanda Rose Zampelli

DUH, Amanda. The 1SE app. Like elise has been doing. (Always like elise does.) DUH. But my version. For me. And for this challenge. That my Hannah proposed I do with her. Yep it's decided.

Tomorrow #ARZ_last100daysof2016 commences.

I will post weekly updates on my Instagram every Saturday until the 100 days are up, and a full round up post to come in January 2017 on this space here.

september : currently

Amanda ZampelliComment
currently : september 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • prepping our meals
  • working meal prep into my weekly routine
  • returning home from a successful long weekend at Pinners TX
  • gearing up the next Pinners Conference in Arizona
  • joining a few dance teams for another round of performing in December
  • getting a much needed hair trim
  • choosing a new mambi Design Team for 2016-2017 
  • going on a date night
  • using my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner™ to document growth & inspiration
  • cooking chopped turkey & peppers
  • wondering what this year's pumpkins are going to look like
  • watching FRIENDS on Netflix
  • trying to be the best cat mama I can be
  • thinking about my friends I don't talk to for weeks at a time
  • disbelieving it's almost October and there are 3 months left of 2016 (!!!)

my weekend @ Pinners Conference TX

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my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli

So, for those who don't know, I'm the Social Media Coordinator for the company me & my BIG ideas, the company who created The Happy Planner™. You can get an idea of what I do on the daily from this post, but aside from the daily social media tasks I do at home, another big part of my role in the company is to attend trade shows and conferences and let potential new customers in on the secret: The Happy Planner™ will change your life and there is a community of planner babes out there that YOU belong to.

This weekend, I did that at Pinners Conference in Arlington, Texas with this team of babes workin' The Happy Planner™ booth with me:

my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli

top row // Chantelle, Chandler, Stephanie, Janna, Thuy  |  bottom row // me & Hannah

OMG. STOP THE PRESS! THESE LADIES. These^ friggin' ladies right here. BOOTH. BABES. // I am blessed to have this job because it's teaching me so much and allowing me to grow in this industry I adore and DUH! The Happy Planner™, but THESE ladies are the cherry on top! They are the sweetest, most genuine people I know, maybe because we're each other's people. You know, you can't be everyone's cup of tea, but maybe because of our love of paper/stickers/planning/girl-bossing/creativity whatever it is, we're each other's cup of tea. Who knows? ...and why question it? All I know is it's working, we vibe, and I'm HELLA grateful for ever last drop of it.

my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli

We got there on Thursday to set up the booth. We all wore our Happy Planner™ hats and were TOTAL booth babes assembling shelves, installing the floor, stocking inventory, ironing polka-dot table cloths, making the layout flow, styling the planner bar, and prepping the make-and-take station.  It was a lot of work, but as you can see in the after photo, well worth it. The booth looked great!

Friday was our 'Day 1' at Pinners, TX and the girls and I were in our black & white best ready to go. Steph had a news spot to film, and Hannah and I were being clowns on social media (as usual).  Our long day was busy and full.

I conducted three demos throughout the weekend at the Michaels booth, and learned something about myself: I CAN DO THIS. I am a communicator, plain and simple. Set my loud ITALIAN mouth from Queens, New York FREE about a product/topic I'm passionate about, and watch me FLY! That was my time spent at the Michaels booth. I hope I encouraged the women that watched me to start filling their Happy Planners™, and educated them a bit about the different ways they could do so! Sign me up for the next demo/chat fest!

Back over at The Happy Planner™ booth, the girls and I passed the weekend educating new customers on the system, meeting & connecting with local members of the planner community, drooling over Janna Wilson's lettering, and soaking up all of the planner talk and fun!

my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Also, PHOTOBOOTH ACTION! At our turquoise photo backdrop, you could pose with one of our GIANT (!!!) Happy Planners™ and hashtag the photo on Instagram #TheHappyPlannerBOOTH_TX for a chance to win one of the brand new Happy Planner™ Tote Bags equipped with two of our brand new accessories: a Happy Planner™ Deluxe Cover, and a Happy Planner™ Sticker Carrier.

The BEST part of the weekend had to be the meeting/hugging/chatting/laughing with so many beautiful planner babes! Some I met for the first time, and some who've been my friends on social media for a while now.

One of those social media friends of mine was Erica - @ericacanant on Instagram. I don't remember how we 'met' on social media or when, but commented often on each other's output, and organically became friends. She, interested in my weird Snapchat Madonna singing and posts about my boyfriend and cats, and me interested in her party planning and family life with two little girls and now baby boy on the way! We just clicked, perhaps through our Happy Planner™ posts originally, and 'Snapchat besties' is what we proclaimed ourselves.

Then I met this lady in person, and DUH. Again...even miles away- when your vibe vibes with someone - just DUH. Hello! Another one of my people. I'm convinced she's my sister from another mister, we call each other 'bae', and after our spontaneous deer Snapchat video, she's now my wittle deer. I feel like God wanted us to meet to sprinkle love, support, conversation, planner fun, and positivity in each other's lives. That's good enough for me, and I'll accept that energy in my life with open arms, no questions asked.

In fact, I believe that's the energy that God invited into the lives of ALL the planner babes that made it out this weekend. Especially at the Post-Pinners Mambi Meet-Up at Michaels in Arlington.

my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli


The event was a Happy Planner™ meet-up after party type thing where all the beautiful, inspiring planner babes you see above attended. (There were 50 of us!)

Heather Kell, who most of you know on Instagram as @kellofaplan, spent the last few months being an amazing supporter, cheerleader, and brand ambassador for mambi all on her own accord. Once Pinners TX was announced, Heather thought up the idea for this meet-up, put it in motion, and spent so much time on making it feel welcoming and fun. She went above and beyond hosting this event, from the decor to ice-breaker BINGO, and we were so appreciative of her efforts! The party was an immense success & you can read Heather's experience at Pinners HERE, HERE, and HERE!

For me, personally, I was glad to have met her in person. I found out Heather, along with the group of women below, were fantastically authentic! They're were not in attendance solely for the giveaways. Most stayed after everyone left to help clean up and walk Steph & I out. It was clear they are in this for the love of crafting. They are in this to inspire and be inspired by each other. 

You can (and should) find and follow these ladies on their Instagram accounts here: @kellofaplan, @janetrcave, @momandagirlwithplans, @ericacanant, @nicki_planner, @planthehappies, @thenotableliz, @omgstationeryco. Beautiful planner pages on each of their accounts, and beautiful souls that shine through.

my Sept 2016 wekend @ Pinners Conference TX | Amanda Rose Zampelli

There was magic in the air last weekend. I woke up the next morning, with Pinners completed and a plane to catch, HEART FULL & GRATITUDE HIGH. I woke up early, when to the downstairs lobby to get coffee, and before I returned to room to pack, I caught a glimpse of the Six Flags Over Texas silhouette in the sunrise.

God, I thought, so much has happened in the past two years (heck, five years) but two years ago is where my mind went. Two years ago I was actually living not far from where I had spent the Pinners weekend. I moved to Texas in 2014 to be with my on/off boyfriend of 8 years, I had just started my job with me & my BIG ideas, and The Happy Planner™ had not even hit the market yet!

In two years time, I moved back to New York and left him for good, joined a gym and lost 22 pounds, met John - the love of my life, moved into my dream apartment, ended a 30-year friendship, made countless new friends, helped grow the Happy Planner™ community, took up dancing again, performed in two routines, and HECK! ...returned to Texas two years later to be a part of the event that was the mambi experience at Pinners - in the midst of The Happy Planner™'s WILD success! 

What the heck is life?! I'm not exactly sure, but I'll take it. I'm in awe of it. That is all.

Any given time in your life is just that - only a piece of the full picture. It is fleeting, so you best believe I'm smart enough to take a snapshot of it, and put it in my memory keeping planner when its as good as this weekend was. I'm so acutely aware of how day to day life seems monotonous, but over an elapsed amount of time the evolution becomes evident. I'm starting to trust every present moment and its role in getting me to where I'm supposed to be.

• Read me & my BIG ideas account of the weekend on their blog. •

memory keeping 2016 // teal & orange September dashboard

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memory keeping 2016 // teal & organge September dashboard pages | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I've been memory keeping 2016 in one of my two working Happy Planners™. Here are two dashboard pages I completed for September, to prep myself going into the month.

I use the dashboard page(s) - which are the pages attached and opposite from the tabbed monthly marker page - to convey the feeling I'm going into the month with. Below is the finished pages for this month and it soooo captures what I was feeling going into September... I didn't and still don't have words for it, only images & colors:

memory keeping 2016 // teal & organge September dashboard pages | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Teal & orange, for sure. It was an unexpected color combo, but organically came together, and might be my favorite dashboard. For the left-side page, I ended up using a splattered teal scrapbook paper from Studio Calico to cover the whole page, and placed my card elements on top of that. Those leaf die cuts were saved from last year, and added the perfect 'fall is coming' element to the page I wanted to convey. After placing them down, I cut any piece of them jutting off the page, so they wouldn't stick out if the planner was closed.

The right-side page = a checkerboard pattern of teal cards and orange cards with sayings, patterns, and images that tell my 'entering September' story better than I ever could with journalled words. I fit two orange Studio Calico puffy circle stickers into the 'OO' of 'GOOD' on that top corner card, and love how that came out and how 'SING' and 'SLEEP' were the words and that they're apart of 'GOOD LIFE'. Every detail of these pages is my favorite.

memory keeping 2016 // teal & organge September dashboard pages | Amanda Rose Zampelli

For September's monthly page, and throughout the weekly layouts, I've been keeping to the teal & orange theme.  I can't wait to scatter those fall leaves from the 'Seasonal' sticker pack around my photos, but I have to be patient...and see what I'm working with art the end of the month once my photos are placed.

memory keeping 2016 // teal & organge September dashboard pages | Amanda Rose Zampelli

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I'm also going to be teaching a class on Big Picture called memory keeping in The Happy Planner™ that will include tips & techniques for how to do everything that you see here!
It'll go live on their website in December! :)