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my time @ CHA 2015

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I've wrote about getting to go. I posted one of the videos I was in. I wrote about outfits I wore. I wrote about when I met Amy Tangerine. This post is all the rest about my time at CHA 2015 that I wanted to get down before a new month begins and it becomes "something I did a few weeks/months ago".

I spent most of my time at the me & my BIG ideas booth (which you can see more of here). I took tons of photos, revealed new products via instagram, and talked with visitors and potential buyers. On the opposite end of the room housing the Tradeshow was the We R Memory Keepers booth. I often walked my way over to creep and stalk my Love Notes collection that was on display. I touched the paper and posed like a ham.

We had,, and Noell Hyman from visit the booth and shoot video starring yours truly. It was nervous wreck, but I felt ready. Speaking about product and talking craft & hobby is something I hope is a part of my career for years and years to come. To have the show be my first real exposure to that was awesome.  With each video, I got more relaxed in front of the camera, and I wished I could have done more!

Two things about my time at CHA were my favorite. The first thing was being with and meeting so many creative ladies who share my passion for this industry. We talked memory keeping, the lengths we scrapbookers go to get good photos, products we liked from each company, how to get into mixed media, and many other things only people that love to MAKE understand.

The second thing about CHA that was my favorite was the profound sense of being where I belonged. I was amongst other creatives who enjoy paper and images as much as me, and have an intense desire to express themselves through craft, and who understand how a 'making' hobby can make a happy life. 

In short - CHA was OMG, and I am so grateful for the amazing start it gave me to this new year.