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Project Life 2015 // intro page

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Yesterday, I posted about the inside cover of my Project Life 2015 album, and today: here is the intro page.

I stuck this silver foil 'Good Things Are Going to Happen" jumbo sticker (from this mambiSHEETS pack) to a trimmed transparency sheet, and made it my first page. It's a great opening phrase and my one little word: PROOF calls for the year to prove it.

Because I want the back of this page to be a full 6x8 image for January, I adhered these three Project Life cards + my photo to a 6x8 white piece of card stock. That way, I could use a full 6x8 photo sleeve.

"This year I want to..." card is from Studio Calico's January kit, and in alignment with my one little word, I filled in the blank with "...find proof."

I drew lines on the black&white flowers card to make it a journalling card and watercolored a pretty magenta to coordinate with the elements on the bottom cards.

I included a recent selfie photo, and cut down a gold foil specialty card from Studio Calico with the best four words I could utter about myself at any given point: "I am still learning."

I finished off with a semi-transparent 2015 and a wooden 'Move Forward" banner.

I'm excited for this year's Project Life journey because I've got a better handle on my approach and style than ever before. This is my fourth year documenting my life in this way, and I can't help but feel good things are going to happen.

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