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7 (seven!!!) years blogging & thoughts

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7 (seven!!!) years bloggin & thoughts | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Every year, on or around December 16th, I get incredibly sentimental. It's my bloggiversary, and today, I have been writing and keeping some version of this lifestyle & crafting blog for seven years.

On that faithful day, seven years ago, I posted an off-center photo of a mint-colored moped because I had this 'thing' for mopeds, and imaging owning a cute mint Vespa was to me - on that particular day - the epitome of living a happy life. Too funny and it's kind of ridiculous looking back on it now, yet somehow that post was a hella serious and a pivotal moment for me, you know?

The past seven years of posting on a platform all my own has gotten me closer and closer to the happy life I feel I'm supposed to be living.

I post glimpses into my life: cats, family, relationship, outfits, thoughts on being type A, soundtracks, adventures - whatever I'm INTO & is HAPPENING. This allows my readers to get to know me a bit more, and therefore more apt to check back in, but really those posts are for me. I'm a life-documenter, memory keeper, and recorder by nature, and this is another avenue for me to do so - and have my stories in my voice available for my future grandchildren to read.

first ever blog post written on 12/16/2009 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I post my feelings - like an open, emotional diary - because writing them out allows me to process them better. My whole emotional journey in and out of teaching was recorded via my then blog, and I wouldn't take a single post away from it.

I post my projects, what I'm working on, and my creations - which no doubt acted as my resume and cover letter better than my real resume and cover letter ever could have. I'm convinced those posts landed me my first design job with We R Memory Keepers, and my current job with me & my BIG ideas.

You guys, I blog for a living over at me & my BIG ideas. I don't even think that job existed seven years ago when I started blogging! I still can't get over how I was drawn to blogging back then. I was wildly curious about this platform, and knew it had the makings of all the things I truly loved & enjoyed: writing, photography, design, communication, content creation, inspiration, and connection. There is a reason we feel a pull toward certain things, and I'm here to tell you I'm so happy I let go and allowed the tide of blogging to take me where I was supposed to be, where I belong.

I wouldn't take a single flawed post away from the past seven years. It's gotten me to this point right now, and I'm clearer than I've ever been before on how I want to use my online space and make it work for me. It will take time I often don't have to execute, but it's living in my brain, and it's BIG - like in this post. Hopefully 2017 will be the year it comes to the surface, but we shall see!

Happy Bloggiversary to me, and thank you for being here to read about it. Whether it's your first visit or you've been with me for several years now, thank you. My words only mean something where you are present to hear them. Thank you.

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