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september : currently

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currently : september 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • prepping our meals
  • working meal prep into my weekly routine
  • returning home from a successful long weekend at Pinners TX
  • gearing up the next Pinners Conference in Arizona
  • joining a few dance teams for another round of performing in December
  • getting a much needed hair trim
  • choosing a new mambi Design Team for 2016-2017 
  • going on a date night
  • using my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner™ to document growth & inspiration
  • cooking chopped turkey & peppers
  • wondering what this year's pumpkins are going to look like
  • watching FRIENDS on Netflix
  • trying to be the best cat mama I can be
  • thinking about my friends I don't talk to for weeks at a time
  • disbelieving it's almost October and there are 3 months left of 2016 (!!!)