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Heart Sweater DIY

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Heart Sweater DIY | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Confession: this is a recycled post. I first posted it in February 2013, but I thought it appropriate to throwback to, and something I might try again this year.

To make this, I first created a heart stencil with a piece of poster board. I placed the stencil over an old F21 sweater with a relatively neutral color scheme and design (so the heart would really POP). Using the poppy red 'Simply Spray' soft fabric paint, I sprayed a few layers on top of my stencil, trying to apply the paint as evenly as possible. I pulled away the stencil and let the paint dry.

So simple, quick,  and fun to rock (what I look for in DIYs). I paired mine with some high-waisted jeans and super big top bun.

Heart Sweater DIY | Amanda Rose Zampelli

Is this something you can see yourself trying? If you do, please tag me on Instagram @amandarosezamp! I'd love to see! Happy DIYing! xoxo