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my class with Big Picture Classes starts MONDAY!!!

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my class with Big Picture Classes starts MONDAY! Woo hoo! | Amanda Rose Zampelli

You guys, I'm a disgraceful blogger. Actually, that's not true. I'm a kick-ass blogger over on the blog I get paid to write for: the me & my BIG ideas blog. But I haven't been able to give the time and attention this space really needs in, like, MONTHS (!!!) and my last post was OVER a month ago! (deep sigh) There is sooooo much I want to share, and sooooo much living in my brain that wants to come out!  Really and truly, though, I'm trying to ease up. I'm trying to get back on some sort of routine, and with the turn of the calendar pages into the new year, make way for a BIG REFRESH.

With all that said, I'm popping on here today to share NEWS!  My first class with Big Picture Classes called 'Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner™' is launching THIS MONDAY, December 12th! Woo hoo! I poured my life-documenting loving heart out into this class (on most nights & weekends this Fall) giving you a six-lesson in-depth look of how I did what I did in The Happy Planner™ I used for memory keeping this year. This is the online class I was born to teach, and about it, Big Picture writes:

"Join the memory planning craze! Amanda Rose Zampelli shares her tried and true methods for memory keeping in her Happy Planner™.  After many years of using different methods to document her memories, Amanda has perfected a system of using her planner to capture everyday moments. She'll walk you through how to set up your Happy Planner™, share tips and tricks for resizing and editing photos, and give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for using monthly and weekly spreads for memory keeping." 

I am floored to see it 'in the flesh' on the site (haa haa! oxymoron city!) and I'd be overjoyed if you decided to check it out! You can sign up for a two week free trial to Big Picture Classes and gain access to all the high quality crafting classes on the site, mine included. After the two weeks, its only $9.95 a month to continue. Affordable and fun - you can't go wrong!

That's all, butterballs! I can't wait for it to go live and have the REAL conversation begin! I'm ALL about this stuff, ya'll, if you didn't know already from my job title or my #ARZ_memorykeeping2016 hashtag. HULL-LLO!

Tell your friends, sign up for the free trial, and we'll start this party Monday! See ya there!

(flip through the slideshow below to catch a glimpse at all I'll teach you how to do)

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