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one little word 2016: BIG

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one little word 2016: BIG | Amanda Rose Zampelli

It's 2016 and I'm aiming for BIG things. BIG belief in myself. BIG trust. BIG magic. BIG chunks of time spent on activities that make me happy. BIG ideas. BIG celebrations. BIG smiles. BIG heart. In 2016, I shall be participating in Ali Edward's One Little Word™ exercise by thinking & living BIG. 

one little word 2016: BIG | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I decided my one little word was going to be kept in my Happy Planner™ this year. I downloaded and printed out elisejoy's goal tracker (the first word on it is 'BIG' c'mon) and feel that my word will come to fruition if no other way than through this chart. I also pulled that beautiful blue foil me & my BIG ideas card and punched it in for motivation. Finally, I made my BIG statement page, as a reminder why it's my word this year. I used the BIGGEST alpha stickers me & my BIG ideas makes, and cropped the 'B' and 'G' to bring home the BIG theme.

one little word 2016: BIG | Amanda Rose Zampelli

The gist of why this word made sense for me at the start of this year is found in this quote:

"There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela

Truth be told, 'BIG' came to me in December of 2014, and I contemplated it being my word for last year. However, I wasnt ready for it to be. PROOF had to be my word for last year because after the 2014 I had, I desperately needed PROOF that good things were going to happen. Happily, they did. OHHHH, did they ever! ...and with each new good thing that happened, I felt more confidence to no longer cower, to no longer sink into myself. 'BIG' kept making more and more sense to use as this year's word.

I don't think it gets much bigger or better than last year: finding my BIG love and moving into my BIG beautiful apartment, but I'm daring to believe it could. I'm (finally!) with the right person in the right place, and now it's about thinking and living BIG.

That's why 'BIG'... which joins last year's PROOF, 2014's WORK, 2013's MAKE, and 2012's MOVEMENT. At the end of this year, all five words will be a part of me, and we shall see what comes of it.