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recent pins // MAR 2017

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recent pins // MARCH 2017 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

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These are some pinned images I've recently added to my Pinterest account. To look at them collectively, you can tell what mood I'm in and where my brain's been at. The posts in this series always bring me back. Back to this blog. Back to what matters to me on the internet. Back to words and images that reawaken my creative self.

I can feel a major style shift in me lately. Still trendy and airy, but with a minimalistic undertone that never existed in me before, or that did, but was waiting for the right time to reveal itself. Anyway, that's the designer in me talking. 

The human in me wants spring. Like now. Outdoor movement like roller skating and biking. Windows open. Evening ice cream dates. So ready.

Also, I've been having dreams of big, lush green jungle leaves spilling in and out of my living space. So weird, and so welcomed.