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recent pins // September 2016

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recent pins // september 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

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These are some pinned images I've recently added to my Pinterest account. To look at them collectively, you can tell what mood I'm in and where my brain's been at. The posts in this series always bring me back. Back to this blog. Back to what matters to me on the internet. Back to words and images that reawaken my creative self.

1 // The boyfriend and I have been talking (believe me, just talking) about getting a house together. We know it's not going to happen anytime soon, but when it does, I have light pink, large DIY calendar dreams for my home office.

2 // My cats have been so hilarious lately. I mean, they've always been hilarious, but more so lately. Double their dose of hilarity. This image reminded me of them, and their excitement over my bedsheets.

3 // Triple chokers. That blush pink.

4 // Deep down inside, you know you got that magic. That special something only you can bring to the table. They think you're ordinary, or maybe they know you're not, and treat you like you are in the hopes that you'll stay there. SHOW. THEM. ALL.

5 // My life has proven this to me time and time again. I need to trust it, and let it do so once more.

6 // That light box, honey. That mother friggin' lightbox.

7 // Reminded me of me & my daily routine.

8 // ...because it's THAT. TIME. OF YEAR. AGAIN.

9 // I'm not sayin' I'd chop it all off, but if I was...

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How 'bout you? Any particular thing(s) recently inspiring you?

Which number(s) on my list speaks to you the most?