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snippets / august 2016

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snippets / august 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • me & Grams at BINGO, showing her Snapchat
  • learning how to meal-prep and doing it all month long
  • performing the Realeza routine with these ladies at different 'gigs'
  • dad in my neighborhood pool
  • my new 'professional' profile photo happily includes my disco ball
  • rockin' my big blue BUG-eye sunnies on a breezy summer Sunday
  • turkey & veggie meatloaf for two weeks in a row! why not?
  • my solo date to Eisenhower Park to watch Genessa & The Selena Experience
  • Sis & I at Lauren's Bachelorette Party at the Hamptons Snapchat dogs

other notable things this month:

Spending the first week of August in Florida with John and my Grandma. Uncle Matt's Retirement party on the lake. Trying Yogen Fruz for the first time. Growing as a couple, and falling more in love with him and our evolving relationship. Talking about getting a house together. Launched the new mambi Design Team OPEN CALL on the me & my BIG ideas blog. Taking that ruffle-topped dress Ness gave me to the cleaners and getting it hemmed into the most perfect Bachata crop top. We brunched with friends. Been obsessed with seashells. Thinking about over-achieving, how much it sucks, and learning to let it go. Finally getting to post about my DIY dining chairs, a full year later. Dying over this 10 second clip from Fixer Upper. #TheHappyPlannerDANCE

a bit about snippets:

Blogger Manda Townsend posts snippets of her life every now and then, and after reading her ode to snippets post back in January 2014, I commented that I would join her in 'snippetting'. :)  

I posted snippets of my month on the last(ish) day of every month in 2014 and 2015, and I am back doing the same for 2016. See Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July.

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