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snippets / march 2015

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snippets of March 2015 | Amanda Rose Zampelli
  • the snow, the slush, the cold, and the madness continued
  • a BOOMBASTIC Friday night at my sister's apartment with wine & greasy food
  • prepping my Happy Planner™ for April and my love for a neon pink date stamp runs deep
  • 'GRATITUDE' in big bold billboard letters
  • my new design assignment that I am proud I was able to get done
  • some of us girls at Elisa's Baby Shower
  • me & my BIG ideas Fancy Tats™ Easter eggs
  • the Saturday dad completed #amileadayinMarch with me on the track
  • Dan & Jack, the best brothers of all hilarious time <3 <3

a bit about snippets:

Blogger Manda Townsend posts snippets of her life every now and then, and after reading her ode to snippets post back in January 2014, I commented that I would join her in 'snippetting'. :)  

I posted snippets of my month on the last day of every month in 2014, and I'm back doing the same for 2015 ( see Jan & Feb). See 2014 snippets of Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec

What I find I usually include are those images that get lost in the shuffle -- ones that I would probably never include in a post or instagram, but are attached to a fun memory or a highlight of the month.