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#100HappyDays // #The100DaysProject

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100 days of something. This is not a new concept. Whether you know it as #100DaysofHappy or #The100DaysProject, the idea behind it is simple: for 100 days in a row, make it an intention to do/notice/document/share something that makes you happy, or brings you some sort of expressive release.

Hannah & me // Snapchat ladies | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I've seen a bunch of inspiring participants of this 100-day challenge (#100daysofelisepeptalks and #lacypaintsfor100days and #100daysofdrawingpeople) but never thought of jumping on board.

That is until my work bestie Hannah Joy Schwartz said to me a few weeks ago, "Hey! You want to do #100HappyDays of something with me?"

My immediate reaction to this proposal was hesitation and resistance, knowing I couldn't (and shouldn't) add another thing to my plate. However, I love Hannah, and it's not everyday another inspirational woman walking the world calls on you to join her in a creative happiness project. I knew this to be true, and I thought on it. Participation to be determined.

Then I found out Friday, September 23rd marked the first day of the last 100 days of 2016. Okay, so now we had an official date to begin. ...and 100 days from that date were the final bunch of the year. Oh, okay. I started to feel a bubble of motivation forming. Participation likely.

Next - I had to think about how I wanted to participate.  Hannah decided she was going to work in her Happy Planner™ everyday for 100 days, since she feels like she's been 'neglecting' her pages and wants to get her groove back with it. A Happy Planner™ challenge - for me - wasn't what I wanted to do. I thought about incorporating my dancing into the 100 days somehow, but know I need my rest days a few times a week. 

I wanted to do something quick and easy, but impactful at the same time. I didn't want it to feel like #TheHappyPlannerIGChallenge, and be a daily photo thing either. Something quick, easy, and impactful - that I wouldn't have to flood my social media feed with everyday - but yet still DO everyday - that would help me capture and express happiness during the last 100 days of 2016.


#100HappyDays // #The100DaysProject | Amanda Rose Zampelli

DUH, Amanda. The 1SE app. Like elise has been doing. (Always like elise does.) DUH. But my version. For me. And for this challenge. That my Hannah proposed I do with her. Yep it's decided.

Tomorrow #ARZ_last100daysof2016 commences.

I will post weekly updates on my Instagram every Saturday until the 100 days are up, and a full round up post to come in January 2017 on this space here.