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weekend refresh // aug 26-18, 2016

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weekend refresh // aug 26-28, 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

I'm a big believer in the weekend refresh. I use this term to define the carved out moments of time during your Friday-evening-through-Sunday-night that you use to spend time refreshing yourself - filling yourself back up, focusing on what matters, and fitting in a little fun too.

weekend refresh // aug 26-28, 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

The weekend started early Friday evening. My dad had been nagging me to take him to 'my pool' (it's really the neighborhood pool), and after a morning and afternoon chock full of work, we spent a little less than an hour before dinner winding down the day. It was a hot one, and the pool was the perfect amount of cold. We chatted and swam for only about 20 minutes, but my dad - after all his nagging and prodding to go - said he had the most fun.

It really did look like he had the time of his life, but it doesn't really take much when it comes to my dad. The activity needs to be cheap or free, involve some sort of people-watching elements, and include myself, my sister or mom.

Saturday started off early. Sometimes I give myself the weekend gift of straight hair so I don't have to worry about styling it for a couple of days, and it just falls and feels nice. That's what I did Saturday by going to Xcellent Salon.  Afterwards, I relaxed at my mom's, finally got my DIY dining chairs post published, and had dinner with my parents.

Saturday night, I danced. DUH. I decided to go with stretchy pants because I've been meal-prepping, but STILL overdid it on ice cream, cake, and pasta that week. I danced for three hours, and was informed that the semi-pro Bachata team wants me to perform with them for the Christmas Show! YAY!

weekend refresh // aug 26-28, 2016 | Amanda Rose Zampelli

...and then Sunday. Ahhhh, Sunday: spent all day with my guy from start to finish.

It was one of those Sundays filled with nothing special, yet everything special. We woke up together and did our own morning things - him: haircut / me: crafting. We met back up and drove to his family's house. We talked with his parents, hung out with his brother and sister, and lounged on the couch and fooled around on Snapchat.

After a while, we drove to my family's house, and talked with my mom and hung out with my sister and the cats. A long nap. A #selfieSunday. Some dinner. Then we drove back to my apartment, prepped meals for the next day, wrapped up weekend work and went to bed early.

Grateful for every last boring, ordinary, spectacular bit of it. Today: feeling refreshed.